Rural Tourism Initiatives

The Bellbird Biological Corridor Initiatives 

San Luis 

El Cafetal

Phone: 8359 2946


El Cafetal is a family-run coffee tour that explains the history of Costa Rican coffee culture and the coffee making process. It offers a complementary coffee tasting and homemade pastry at the end of each tour. The tour can either be held in Spanish or English. There is also an Airbnb for visitors that want to spend the night.

Price: $35 per person (transportation included)

Rancho de Lelo

Phone: 8740 9755


Rancho de Lelo is a family-owned project that runs a restaurant with products provided from their sustainable farm. They also have cabins for their visitors to stay in.

Price: Contact provider

Finca Ecológica (Zelmi’s Pizza)

Phone: 8518 6129


Finca Ecológica, also known as Zelmi’s Pizza, is a family-run farm that consists of hiking trails, rivers, camping, birdwatching, and a pizza restaurant.

Prices: Hiking trails-$10 per person; $5 per student

        - Camping: $20 per night ($5 per person to use trails when camping)

Costa de Pájaros

Mujeres de la Montaña Coyolito

Mujeres de la Montaña Coyolito is women’s group that hosts and organizes cultural events year-round on select days. They also produce homemade bread that is sold to a local bakery, and create souvenirs.

Mariposas del Golfo

Phone: 8416 9920


Mariposas del Golfo is a  women’s group that operates a small soda, a butterfly garden, and boat tours. They also have cabins available for their visitors.

Price: Tour - $10 - $20 per person



Proyecto de Cedro Alto

Phone: 2647 8053

Proyecto de Cedro Alto is a family-run organic farm that produces food for their restaurant solely from their farming products. They also have trails, rivers, and cabins.

Price: Contact provider

Finca Girasoles

Phone: 8779 9184

Finca Girasoles is an organic farm that demonstrates different sustainable farming processes and aims to educate people on how to live off a completely sustainable farm.

Price: Contact provider 

Café el Bueyerito

Phone: 2647 8230


A coffee processing company that shows their visitors the process of coffee production with an accompanying farm tour.

Price: Tour - $22 per person 

Lestsi (Sonya’s Handicrafts)

Phone: 2647 8207 

Lestsi is an artist who creates handmade souvenirs that incorporate nature and cultural symbols from the local area.

Price: Varies by product

Clara’s Embroidery

Phone: 2647 8304 

Clara is a woman who produces embroidered goods for tourists and locals that incorporate symbols that are native to the area

Price: Varies by product

Restaurante Cedral

Phone: 2647 8024

Restaurante Cedral is a  family-operated organic farm that produces food for their restaurant solely from their farming products. They also provide farm tours, cabins, and a bat jungle tour.

Price: Lodging (per night) - $10 per person


Phone: 8320 4824


EcoArancibia is a company that builds, repairs, and paints full-sized ox carts for farmers. It also makes souvenirs such as mini ox cart decorations, and keychains.

Price: Varies by product

Finca AgroEcologica las Hortensias

Phone: 8703 6049

Finca AgroEcologica las Hortensias is a family-run sustainable farm that practices organic farming. It aims to educate its visitors through an interactive tour and provides freshly-made food from their farm products.

Price: Tour - $10 per person (includes lunch)